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Hi! My name is Cyrcee Alderson and I'm the founder of C'adora Clothing. After many months of planning and designing, C'adora has officially launched! I'm passionate about food, personal training and design so I decided that our blog will cover these main topics - focusing on how they fit into a bikini lifestyle. 


One of my favorite things to do is cook. It makes me happy to serve my loved one's meals that are packed with flavor. I'm no chef, but I do know how to make home cooked meals that are healthy, nutritious and delicious! You don't need to give up all the foods you love; you just need to tweak them a little. I promise you won't miss the junk, and you will feel better about what you are serving yourself and your family. As a bonus, who doesn't like to be ready for their bikini year round - right?


I like to workout. I know it isn't easy, and a lot of people out there get frustrated when it comes to working out, but if you incorporate it into your daily life your booty will thank you!

I'm not a personal trainer or an athlete, but I do know a ton about exercise. I'll show you what I love to do and who knows - maybe you might like it too! Whether you are at the gym, outside or home let's sweat and get bikini ready together.


My number one! I never went to school for design, but it runs in the family DNA. My dad, brother, and sister, are amazing jewelry designers, and my mom has a beautiful line of yoga wear that she designs and makes in Bali.

It has always been a passion of mine to start my line of swimsuits and coverups. I don't want it to stop there - I believe in building a lifestyle around my brand. I want you to feel beautiful, sexy and confident in  your bikini so let's take this journey together. Let's eat right, exercise, and be ready to step into our C'adora at a moment's notice!

Cyrcee Alderson

Cyrcee is the founder and designer of Cadora Clothing Company. Her passions include designing bikinis, fitness and delicious home cooking :)

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