5 Bathing Suit Hacks You Need to Know

1. Watch where you sit

One of the biggest killers of swimsuits is rubbing against rough surfaces - it creates fraying, pocking, nicks and even holes. I’ve learned the hard way - a couple years back I was heading to Vegas for a friend's birthday.  I had just picked up a brand new bikini and was excited to wear it! When we got to the hotel all the girls went down to the pool to enjoy a day in the sun. I sat down for a minute on the pool's edge and when I got up the bottom of my bikini was shredded!  A brand-new suit and I only got to wear it for a couple hours - no fun.  Beware of rough surfaces - they are like sandpaper on swimsuits!

2. Rinse right away

If you've been in the ocean or chlorine, be sure to rinse your suit as soon as you get home. Salt, chlorine and even lake water can take a toll on your suit - they can cause mildew, fading of color and other assorted nastiness.

3. Hand-wash

Hand-washing your suits in cold water and a gentle soap is a must! Washing by hand will keep it from fading and stretching out.  We've all pulled a bikini top out of our washer only to find it wrapped and twisted around three other garments.

If you don't have the time or don't like to hand-wash your clothes be sure to put your suit in a washable fabric bag. If you don't have a fabric bag, a great "girl hack" is to put it in an old stocking. Just cut the top off he stocking, drop your bikini in and tie it closed. Toss it in the wash on gentle and you are good to go!

4. Hang-dry (important!)

Swimwear fabric gets beat up and the color tends to fades in the dryer.  Hang-drying your suit is fast and easy. You can put it outside, over a chair, or even hang it on a doorknob. Whatever you decide to do, be sure that it's in a shady spot.

5. Love it

The most important thing is to get a suit you LOVE. If you feel sexy and beautiful in your suit, you will alway want to protect your investment! Looking for inspiration? Check out our bikini tops and bikini bottoms. Now get that swimsuit on and hit the beach!

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Cyrcee Alderson

Cyrcee is the founder and designer of Cadora Clothing Company. Her passions include designing bikinis, fitness and delicious home cooking :)

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