Why I’m Cuckoo For Coconuts And You Should Be Too (part 2)

This is part two of a two-part post discussing my two favorite coconut products in the world: coconut water and coconut oil. In part one I discussed the many benefits of coconut water and in this post I’m going to talk about the many amazing ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your life.

Coconut Oil

Back in the old days, coconut oil had a bad rap because it is high in saturated fat. However, new studies have shown, natural saturated fat is good for you - which makes it the perfect oil for cooking as well as a few other things!


  • Use it as a glaze to bake squash and sweet potatoes
  • Use it on toast instead of butter
  • Use a coconut spray on the BBQ 
  • Replace butter and fry some eggs or fresh fish


  • Unrefined coconut oil improves blood lipids which is good for your heart
  • Proponents claim that it can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and boost immune function
  • Coconut oil turns into ketones bodies in the liver. Ketones bodies provide energy for the brain - they are particularly useful in epilepsy and may also improve various other disorders
  • It helps you lose weight! Yes, you heard that right! Substituting other calorie sources for coconut oil can help you lose weight

Hair and Skin Care

  • Put it on the ends of your hair to help moisturize it
  • Use it as body lotion - it’s very hydrating and smells great!
  • Use it as tanning lotion - it’s great for tanning and has natural SPF 4 in it which will help you get that beautiful bronze tan that we all adore*

*Always be sure to apply sunscreen - you don’t want to get a burn on your bikini bum!

How to Apply It

When you get a jar of it, the oil will be hard and looks kind of like the paste you played with in Kindergarten. It melts at very low temperature though and quickly turns into silky-goodness.

  1. Scoop a large marble-sized portion into your palm
  2. Rub your hands together until the paste melts evenly
  3. Apply just as you would with any of your lotions

Pro Tip: A lot of people think that putting coconut oil on your skin will make you feel greasy. Your skin sucks this stuff up super fast though so don’t worry - the feeling goes away quickly!

Where to Find The Good Stuff

Costco BY FAR has the best deal on this stuff. Look for Kirkland Signature™ USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut in a 42.3 oz tub at your local Coscto or on Amazon.

Cyrcee Alderson

Cyrcee is the founder and designer of Cadora Clothing Company. Her passions include designing bikinis, fitness and delicious home cooking :)

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